*500# service

The USSD code is a fast communication method for mobile phone users. With this method, they can access the online menu of their mobile phone sim card operator and receive their services. Using this service doesn’t require configuring any of mobile phone settings or installing an application on your smartphone. *500# is compatible with any smartphone and operating system. The *500# is the first provider of digital products such as micro insurances and PWA platform in form of USSD.


*500# services

*500# Service provides selling of charges and internet data packages of each mobile phone operator of Hamrah Aval, Irancell, Rightel, Talia and Shatel mobile. Our technical engineers rely on their experience and knowledge to develop and adjust USSD foundation. Our company can implement a wallet for organizations that are related to Bahar telecommunication company. It also improves customer experience for the services. For security reasons, money withdrawal is only permitted for organizational customers. The businesses can consider products for sales and pay the fees to the user account. In this service, a terminal is allocated to a business so that the fees are directly transferred to the user account. ” We offer the possibility to pay more than 200 thousand Tomans by sending a special paying link in IPG. We also offer the possibility of conducting each sharing model on payment gateways in order to be compatible for businesses.” Based on a business process, the polling can be in the form of multiple consequential questions. The polling results will be shown on an online panel on USSD. The one-time password service is a service for sending one-time codes of for websites and applications that need to authenticate the users. We also offer the possibility to create PINs for each product, including charging and internet data packages based on USSD. In this service, the user receives a specialized code based on *500# and gets a top up charge. This service is especially created for people or locations that don’t have the access to buy a charge with their credit card CVV. OTP (one-time password) can be used as an easy method that is utilized with artificial intelligence to arrange sitting positions in halls and lounges and sell concert tickets. This service can provide discounts and determine a percentage of a purchase until a specified time, and the highest amount of fees that can be allocated to each product. This service can pay for taxi fees by using a wallet and by having a taxi code or the drivers’ phone number. Also, you can pay anonymously and with your telephone number hidden. This method is already performed in Borujerd city and has been lauded in a festival by the ministry of interior. This service can also be used by the user to book an appointment. After entering information by the user, this information will be available for the business. After receiving the information, the business will appoint a visiting time for the user. This appointment will be available for the user through USSD.  

Special features of *500# service

The web foundation provided by Bahar telecommunication company doesn’t need any fees and it will help businesses develop. It can be considered a good way to make income. The web solution is designed to provide selling charging services, internet packages and insurances more easily for web and mobile phone based businesses. *500# is also compatible with every application and has flexible UI technology. Some of the advantages of PWA are the following:
  • There is no need to install the application and a send code for entering the application
  • It can send a shortened special link
  • Recording all users’ movements and monitoring the responses of each person
  • The possibility of adding an icon to the main page of users’ mobile phone automatically
  • Adding the possibility of sending a special message through mobile phone notification system

What kind of advantages would you exactly have with *500#?

*500# is a leading application for providing operator services. Furthermore, it has a complete collection of paying services. With this application, you can perform transactions and gain points to participate in our periodic lotteries and win our special prizes. *500# application can offer services such as paying the bills, offering car services, tourism, insurance, charity and even entertainment. *500# application services are the following:
  • Purchasing charge and internet packages of SIM card operators such as Hamrah Aval, Irancell, Rightel, Talia and exclusive sales of Anarestan
  • Paying at operator bills (Hamrah Aval, Irancell, Rightel)
  • Paying facilities bills such as water, electricity, gas and telephone bills
  • Paying all types of insurance and microInsurance services
  • Bill query, paying penalties and freeway tolls with purchasing car roadside assistance
  • Purchasing traveling services such as different types of tickets and local and International hotel reservations
  • Games and entertainment
  • Helping charity institutions
  *500# Application is can also be accessed offline.  

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