Modem equipment

Modem equipment

TD-LTE modem, the new generation of wireless fixed internet

TD-LTE is the last generation of fixed internet technology that provides wireless internet for users. This technology in comparison with dial-up connection and other fixed internet technologies such as ADSL and Wimax provides a higher speed internet for the users and doesn’t have limitations such as low speed, not being able to modem, capacity limitations in communication centers, etc.

TD-LTE is taken from TDD-LTE and is an abbreviation for Time Division Duplexing – Long Term Evolution. This technology is based on the fourth generation of Internet technology. LTE technology or Long Term Evolution technology is a standard for transferring high-speed data into wireless internet. This technology is provided into two forms of TD-LTE and FD-LTE.



FD-LTE is the abbreviation of Frequency Duplexing, which is used in developing the fourth generation of mobile network. /this technology is created by devising a frequency band with downloading and uploading for users. With this, simultaneous downloading and uploading will be possible for users

TD-LTE is the abbreviation of Time Duplexing, which is created by evolving TD-SCDMA technology. In this technology, instead of dividing a frequency bandwidth, receiving and sending data is performed on a frequency bandwidth and in different time periods. With this, there is no need for a protection band between frequency ranges of downloading and uploading and you can use all of bandwidth capacity to send or receive information. Therefore, the speed of sending and receiving information in this method is increased. Also, you can change sending and receiving capacity by controlling time durations.


VDSL modem

The performance of communication VDSL internet is similar to ADSL internet. But there are many differences between these two types of internet connection. VDSL can have a speed of 52 MB per second. On the other hand ,the maximum speed of ADSL internet connection is 8 MB per second. Furthermore, ADSL internet connection can only be used in a short distance of 1200 to 4000.


FTTX modem

FTTX madam is the abbreviation for Fiber To The X. This X is a connection point that can include many different locations. There are so many different methods to transfer information in the world and as time passes, there is a need to have even more high-speed technology that replaces older speed systems. One of the modern technologies that can provide even more high speed internet than copper networks is transferring information on fiber optic networks. By connecting fiber optic to homes, offices and a buildingsو you can transfer multiple services such as high-speed internet telephonesو audioو visual and television on a fiber optic network.

  • FTTH fiber to home: Can connect fiber network to homes

  • FTTB fiber to the building: In this method, the fiber will be wired to the building, and from there it will distribute based on different methods

  • FTTC fiber to the cabinet: The fiber optic is wired to communication cabinets, and from there it will be wired with copper wires to the customer’s location

  • FTTP fiber to the premise: In this and method, the fiber optic network will also be wired to the customer’s premises which also include FTTH

  • FTTO: fiber to the office: In this method, the fiber will be wired to offices and workplaces

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