Implementing organizational solutions for VOIP

Based on their extraordinary capabilities and their usefulness for users, VOIP call centers have become one of the essential needs of a successful business. As we know, one of the main steps that has to be taken in order to implement a VOIP telephone system in an organization is careful calculation of its implementation costs. One of the most important factors that we have to consider in order to calculate installation costs for VOIP is considering the required infrastructure for implementing all types of call centers. When a call center is installed, the foundation for an analogue telephone has to be separately installed. Due to the complication of installing cables, this has the potential to be a troublesome task. Meanwhile, VOIP call centers can be installed on computer network foundations that often exist in organizations. This is one of the reasons that installation costs for VOIP can be reduced in comparison with analogue call centers. One of the other reasons for preferring VOIP call centers to central call centers is its’ easy performance and parallelism, which has caused this technology to be a very accessible one. When you want to install a call center for your organization, the first thing that you have to know is which equipment you need in order to install your call center. The other question that you have to ask yourself is that are these equipment able to adjust to the changes and development of your call centers. For better understanding of this issue, let us make an example for you. Assume that in an organization there are 20 users that need an internal call center and there are 3 city lines that are considered for installing the call center. This organization needs interactive voice response, CID and conversation recording technology in order to improve its system quality. If you want to perform this scenario, your organization needs a central TES824 in the form of an analogue, an interactive voice response card, 3 CID cards, a conversation recording device, two additional cards for the central system and 20 telephone cards. If in future, 20 users are increased to the number of 30, your organization will have to change its telephone system. On the other hand, if we are to use VOIP solutions for this organization, we can use a gateway device and an average PC to implement our call center and install user telephones. At the first stage, we install user telephones through software. In this way, we can only use hardware telephones for VOIP when we need them. Furthermore, in this telephone system users will have access to even more features. In this scenario, there will be no problems if the number of users is increased. Additionally, having more attractive features for VOIP call centers, we can adjust our call centers in the future based on changes and our organization needs. As you have seen from our description of the VOIP system, supplying and implementing a VOIP call center allows us to manage installation costs for call centers in a more flexible way. It also enables us to have more leeway in case we want to change our call center. There are some requirements and materials in order to install a VOIP call center for an organization. Some of them are mentioned below:
  • A gateway card for city lines
  • A server for installing a VOIP call center
  • User telephones
  • Network infrastructure
  • Installation cost of the VOIP and support

Organizing telephone system and increasing organizational efficiency with the help of VOIP

Costs of installing a VOIP call center are not limited to installing a call center. One of the important factors that an organization has to consider when choosing a call center is what changes will happen in its current costs and which solution can increase service quality and organizational efficiency. Besides providing telephone center solutions, generally VOIP call centers use digital technology and have extraordinary capabilities such as sending a welcome message, creating polling systems for customers, cooling systems, etc. All of these increase servicing quality, customer satisfaction and finally, increase revenue for the company. On the other hand, call centers in many cases can only satisfy the primary telephone needs of a company.

Decreasing Telecommunication costs by installing VOIP

As we said before, VOIP call centers are useful in administrative offices in different locations and when they want to make national and international calls. It is extremely helpful in decreasing telephone call costs and can have a significant impact in lowering the company and organizations costs based on the organization’s needs for intra organizational communications. Therefore, VOIP call centers may be the first choice that companies and organizations make regarding installing call centers. Considering the factors that we mentioned regarding the VOIP telephone system and cost of installing analog telephone assistance, the capabilities and features that installing VOIP call centers bring for your company, we can say that in many cases installing VOIP can be a great choice for implementing a telephone system for the company. The information technology in Bahar telecommunication company can conduct all of these things based on customer’s needs

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