Power equipment

Supplying equipment for electricity and communications

Bahar telecommunication company has conducted activities in order to design and produce electricity equipment for communication and IT usage. The most important products and services of our company in this area are the following:

  • Supplying and installing all types of low capacity UPS from 1KVA to 20 KVA
  • Supplying and installing all types of high capacity modular and standalone UPS to 600KVA
  • Supplying and installing at all types of 48V communication rectifiers
  • Supplying and installing all types of generator diesel
  • Supplying and installing all types of sealed lead acid battery for data and communication centers from 9AH to 3000AH
  • Servicing and 24-hour maintenance of UPS systems, battery, generator diesel in data centers, banks and communication centers
  • Designing and building electricity infrastructure for data centers include: servers and racks, lighting systems, air conditioning systems, security systems, fire alarm systems

Technical capabilities

Our technical team at Bahar telecommunication company has expert personnel in the area of designing and producing all types of electricity systems in Iran. In the following section, we will give a brief description of our technical team’s expertise in this area.

  • Technical team has more than 20-years of experience in designing and producing all types of low and high capacity UPS.
  • Our team is obligated to manage and install electricity and UPS projects in organizations such as Hamrah Aval, Irancell, Rightel, Asiatech, Maskan bank, Sina bank, Sadad
  • The technical team offers services such as a counseling and educating personnel in organizations such as Iran telecommunications, Infrastructure Communications, Hamrah Aval, Tejarat bank, Maskan bank, Sadad
  • Conducting specialized seminars related to emergency power systems in Iran
  • Participating in various educational courses in well-known international factories such as Switzerland ABB and Italian Riello

Commercial capabilities

Our commercial team has had years of experience in purchasing equipment for communication infrastructures and IT. The commercial team has an exact knowledge of well-known producers inside and outside of Iran. Furthermore, based on the company’s financial resources, this team has provided the opportunity to purchase the required equipment for cell phone operators in mass amounts. The commercial team uses telecommunication companies’ trading partners inside and outside of Iran to provide for required infrastructures in order to conduct trade operations and purchase equipment.


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