Developing software unit

Software developing unit is a subset of the assistance office of new technologies in Bahar telecommunications corporation. This unit provides all of the services of programming, support and system maintenance for Bahar telecommunication corporation. It has attempted to use experts and provide required services for Bahar telecommunication corporation based on the company’s policies. 

  • Comprehensive software Solutions
  • Solutions related to business intelligence
  • Developing services for USSD
  • Presenting Solutions based on organization sales
  • Presenting Services based on API Pool
  • Presenting comprehensive solutions for managing contact centers
  • Presenting monitoring service solutions
  • Developing mobile or desktop softwares
  • Providing and implementing weak current systems
  • Business support systems
  • Health – centered monitoring systems
  • Video assistant referee
  • Comprehensive traffic management smart system
  • Internet of things
  • In four layers of sensors, network, calculations and uses
  • Providing solutions for Intelligent organization
  • Digital services for or users
  • Geomarketing
  • Digital authentication systems
  • Direct debit system
  • Enterprise wallet management system
  • Mobile kiosk
  • Designing and implementing systems for a process-oriented portal
  • Counseling services for information technology
  • Comprehensive designs for information technology (enterprise architecture software and hardware infrastructure)
  • Business architecture and services
  • Management and strategy devising for large initiatives of information and communication technology
  • Counseling services for developing businesses
  • Design, monitoring and implementing small and industrial data centers
  • Implementing policies for information and communication services
  • Tariff regulation for information and communication services
  • Knowledge management
  • Providing ISMS services


Technical support units

Installing and maintaining the network and intra and extra organizational communications within a company is conducted by a telecommunications technical support unit. This unit will use updated equipment and powerful technical infrastructures. Furthermore, the technical support unit has managed to maintain the foundation for communications of companies and presents related services. Some of Bahar telecommunications services in the field of of extra organizational software are the following:

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