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Deputy of Business Development

We in the business development unit of Bahar Ertebat Gostar Company, relying on the extensive knowledge gained in the field of information and communication technologies and relying on our specialized manpower, as well as having commercial offices in other countries and free trade zones, and benefiting From the extensive domestic and international communication channels, we have the ability to supply, design and assemble a wide range of hardware and software equipment related to the ICT industry, some of which are mentioned below:

Supply, design and assembly of hardware and software equipment

In this unit, relying on our capabilities, we are able to supply, install and launch products of ICT companies such as HP, ORACLE, SUN, Fortinet, Cisco and Supermicro and other related products, and after-sales service, we also provide maintenance and related training.

Capabilities of Bahar Ertebat Gostar Company in the foreign trade sector and accurate knowledge of prominent international manufacturers in this field, has provided this capability for us in the company to be able to combine a wide range of equipment and a combination of reputable authorities and technology owners. Buy outside Iran and provide it to domestic manufacturers to assemble or produce the equipment in different ways (CKD, SKD, CVU, etc.) based on mutual agreements This has caused the equipment provided by Bahar Ertebat Gostar Company, while using the latest technologies and standards in the world, in terms of price, is economical and has been produced with high quality and desirable, and we can have a significant impact on the domestic production development approach. Reduce the dependence of this country on product imports in this field from foreign countries. Also, in Bahar Ertebat Gostar Company, we have been able to import the required parts and equipment by contacting our capable business partners abroad, those equipment that we could not produce domestically, which is one of the points. Our difference and strength will be compared to other competitors.

Installation and support

Other services in this part of Bahar Ertebat Gostar Company include activities related to installation, commissioning, testing and maintenance after delivery of equipment in cooperation with the New Technologies Unit, which will guarantee the success of more projects. Therefore, we always try to choose the best way to perform the services desired by the employer in the implementation of projects.

At Bahar Ertebat Gostar Company, we are obliged to prevent possible problems in the implementation of the project with the support of years of experience in this field, and in case of any disruption, to fix it as soon as possible and in the best possible way.

Supply, design and assembly of POWER equipment

At Bahar Ertebat Gostar Company, relying on expert manpower and benefiting from a wide range of domestic and international communications, as well as carefully examining the capacity of domestic manufacturers, in addition to the ability to provide equipment needed by organizations, able to design, build and We are assembling the latest equipment in the world to the highest standard with competitive prices.

Among the most important capabilities of this set in the field of power can be mentioned the following:

  • Supply, installation and commissioning of low capacity UPS from 1KVA to 20KVA

  • Supply, installation and commissioning of high capacity Stand Alone and Modular UPS up to KVA600 capacity

  • Supply and installation of 48V telecommunication rectifiers

  • Supply, installation and commissioning of diesel generators

  • Supply, installation and commissioning of various types of sealed acid batteries from 9Ah to 3000Ah for data centers and telecommunication centers

  • 24-hour service and maintenance of UPS systems, batteries, diesel generators in data centers, banks and telecommunication centers

  • Design and implementation of electrical infrastructure of data centers including electricity servers and racks, electricity lighting system, cooling system, security systems, ventilation, fire alarm and extinguishing, calculations and determination of required equipment including UPS, diesel generator and .. .

Technical capability

By using experienced and capable experts in the field of design and production of various electrical and electronic systems in the country in the technical team and production of Bahar Ertebat Gostar Company, we have been able to achieve brilliant achievements, some of which are mentioned below. :

  • Design, installation and commissioning of low-capacity and high-capacity UPS

  • Management of installation and commissioning of electricity and UPS projects in organizations such as Hamrah Aval, Irancell, Rytl, AsiaTek, Maskan Bank, Sina Bank, Sadad and …

  • Consulting and training of operating personnel in organizations such as Iran Telecommunication, Infrastructure Communications, Hamrah Aval, Tejarat Bank, Maskan Bank, Sadad and. . .

  • Holding specialized seminars related to emergency power systems in the country

  • Participate in various training courses in world-renowned factories, including ABB Switzerland and Riello Italy

  • Supply, design and assembly of all types of Outdoor and Indoor modems.

  • Supply and assembly of 4G, 4.5G and 5G modems (TDD & FDD)

  • Supply and assembly of ADSL, ADSL +, VDSL and FTTx modems.

  • Decentralized repairs of all modems of subscribers of Iranian mobile and telecommunication operators.

  • Providing modem-based service to all existing PSPs and FCPs in the country .


Deputy of Sales

This deputy provides services at two levels, B2B and B2C, which will be briefly described in each case below:

B2B enterprise sales:

At Bahar Ertebat Gostar Company, we are one of the sellers of the first mobile products such as recharge and internet packages as an organization and the only seller of bulk SMS of this operator. This company has started its activity in the field of mass SMS sales since 2015 and the organization of charge and internet packages since the winter of 2016 and has succeeded in benefiting from a set of active and professional experts in the field of organizational sales as well as providing Stable services and appropriate support, account for more than 70% of the market share in the field of mass sales of SMS and operator products.

B2C services:

From the two projects of *500# and Tele Telephone Insurance, we can mention Bahar Ertebat Gostar Company as the main products in the level of B2C services.

Deputy of New Technologies

Relying on specialized human resources and benefiting from the latest hardware and software equipment in the world, this deputy provides services in two sections: software development and technical support.

Software development unit

All software programming, support and maintenance services in the company are provided by the software development unit.

Technical support unit

Setting up and maintaining a quality network and communication inside and outside the organization is one of the most important tasks of the technical support unit in the company.

Board of Directors

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