Network services

The unit of information technology in Bahar telecommunications company has implemented all of Information Technology infrastructures, according to the enterprise and business requirements of the company This unit has carried out this task by using updated and reliable solutions in order to perform commercial and administrative activities. The technical skills and knowledge provided by the Information Technology unit have created this capability to implement similar or more complex infrastructures. In the following paragraphs, we will give a brief description of the skillset of the Information Technology unit.

Installing and starting the computer networks

Generally, designing and installing computer networks is a specialized process that must be performed correctly. One of the concerns of company managers is installing networks within their own companies. A network is considered to be the main pillar of an organization and it is essential in the performance of an organization’s activities. One of the services that Bahar telecommunications company provides for its customers is installation of computer networks. Our experts are ready to give advice about solutions in this area to our customers.

Supporting computer networks is another service provided by Bahar telecommunications company. There are multiple services for supporting and and maintenance of networks that are designed based on the customers’ needs and requirements. Outsourcing of network services and Informatics help companies to receive specialized services with the least amount of price.

We can divide the steps for implementing a computer network in an organization into three main processes:

  • The design and mapping of computer networks
  • Performing passive services of the network
  • Performing active services of the network

The design and mapping process is the most essential step in designing the computer networks of companies. This step is a process of needs assessment of an organization. In other words, it is the research process of designing computer networks for companies. In this step, before anything else, the company needs to assess its conditions in order to implement the infrastructure for the computer network. If these studies are not conducted and the design of the organizational grid is carried out based on assumptions, the cost of designing the computer network is not calculated based on the organizations real requirements. Therefore, in near or distant future, the cost of redesigning or adding active or passive equipment for the network has to be added. In order to prevent this, we have to consider the following factors:

  • Determining the capacity of the network
  • Anticipating the development of the network in the future
  • Studying security obstacles and their solutions
  • Determining the type and number of required equipment for the network
  • Studying the cable pathways, devices and their obstacles
  • Setting goals for designing the network in each of the organisations sectors
  • Determining the type of wireless or wired networks in various parts of the organization
  • Considering the equipment that are required indirectly to connect to the defined network

The most important factor in the failure of network design is designing it after implementing the network. Just like studying the area for building structure, the network engineers need to study the area for implementing the best and the most cost-effective design for the computer network.

In the initial phases, passive and active experts of the network will study all the physical and logical requirements of the organization for implementing the network. In the second step, they will choose a plan with the most efficiency and cost effectiveness for implementing the network. The network designer can only perform these steps based on his knowledge and skills in this field.

Performing the passive services of the network

The passive services of Bahar telecommunications will include all the hardware equipment of the network. The experts of the passive network will install equipment cables and ducting after specifying and confirming the final design of the computer network.The passive network services will include the following:

  • Designing the network infrastructure
  • Network cabling services
  • Electrical cabling and equipment for electrical connections
  • Installing emergency power equipments
  • Designing a room for monitoring the network and its equipment
  • Installing the central system and equipment
  • The network camera connections and connecting them to the network
  • Installing security systems and hardware firewalls
  • Installing the equipment for establishing the services and designing and installing the racks
  • Installing the input and output systems
  • Installing switches, routers and network connectors for connecting different sections of the networks to each other
  • Installing equipment for the server room and its’ maintenance equipment
  • Installing the equipment for wireless networks
  • Testing and diagnosis of network equipment
  • Performing the services for the active network

After installing the equipment for the passive network, setting up the software connection is needed in order to completely install the network. Providing software services for the computer network is called active services for the network. This software service ranges from configuring switches and routers to installing operating systems on servers and client servers.

  • Some of our active network services include these:
  • Installing and configuring operating systems for Windows, linux, etc.
  • Installing and configuring the servers
  • Configuring the switches and the routers
  • Installing and configuring multiple windows services such as DHCP ، DNS، Server Mail
  • Installing security firewalls
  • Installing monitoring systems for the network and internet usage
  • Installing antivirus packages
  • Installing Office automation systems
  • Installing shared databases in the network
  • Installing active directory and defining the users in the network
  • Configuring various policies in the network and creating management and user access interfaces
  • Installing backup systems and automatic support systems for the network
  • Installing virtualizing systems for the server and client servers
  • Optimizing computer networks within the company and installing internal networks

Aside from installing networks within an organization, Bahar telecommunications company also offers optimization services for the already existing networks within organizations. The experts of Bahar telecommunications company also examine the problems within existing networks, changing the topology or developing networks and provide solutions for these problems. When there is a need to move a network from a physical place to another, it would be easily conducted by Bahar telecommunications expert. It is worth noting that networks installed by Bahar telecommunications company have the ability to develop and also locate to another place.

Installing wireless networks

One of the recent advancements in computer networks is is the widespread use of WLAN networks by using WLAN network, the companies will benefit from many things. These benefits include decreasing the cost of implementing the network, lack of requirements for cabling, the possibility of connecting to the network in any place, adding to the number of new users to the network, etc. Using WLAN technology like using most of the computer network requires proper infrastructure and implementation. The first step to implement a wireless network is performing a survey site in order to determine if you can install needed equipment and determining the places you can use the access point of the network. A survey site is also used in conjunction with a software and determines the obstacles for implementing the wireless network infrastructure. Then, based on the employers’ requirements, we can provide and document a list of equipment with their prices. Providing comprehensive solutions from multiple equipment distributors (mostly Cisco) is done for installing wireless networks for small enterprises, implementing equipment and services and configuring access points. Installing wireless networks for indoor users has special requirements that has turned this area of skill set into a specialized field of work that is distinct from the wired networks field.

Comprehensive analysis of the network in multi-storey buildings and the network’s full coverage of the building for usage reliability are required for implementing a network.

The simplest type of implementing a wireless network with radio frequencies or fiber connections to communications centers or ISB IS installing one or multiple focused controllers and access points. Furthermore, if there is a GSM infrastructure in the website and there is no a proper network coverage within the site, we can also use methods such as Wi-Fi offloading.

After installing the equipment, we start by configuring devices, determining the free channels for each frequency and proper amount of power for access points to determine the least amount of interference.

Also, if it is required, we can use external antenna in devices that support them or if our employer demands, we can extend the reach of the network through Wi-Fi extender with the least amount of price. In the final stages of wireless network implementation, we will study RSSI and SNR in various applications of the site and we will give a report of the network coverage to our employers.

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