The Five Hundred Star application is a mobile payment app for purchasing recharges and internet packages for the SIM card of the first mobile operators, Irancell, Rightel, Taliya and Shuttle Mobile, and also has features such as paying bills, performing banking services, using various entertainment services, and so on for dear user’s well-being.

To get the Five Hundred Star application, you can download the download link by dialing *500*17# or download the application through the following links.

Why install the Five Hundred Star app?

By purchasing every 1000 tomans from the *500# system, you have received 1 chance and point, while by purchasing from the application, this chance is doubled.

With the use of the Five Hundred Star application, in addition to accessing all the services *500#, you can benefit from more complete facilities such as paying bills, card to bank card, receiving car services, various entertainment services, and so on.

You can easily view your points earned in the Five Hundred Star app.

By purchasing from the Five Hundred Star app, in addition to participating in the *500# system lottery, you can also participate in app-specific lotteries.

In the Star of Five Hundred application, you can easily check the purchase report of your recharge and internet package and other payments, and also be informed about the latest status of your wallet.

You can contact the application unit and submit your comments, criticisms and suggestions via the email address